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How to Design Your Dream DIY Charging Station 

From repurposed office supplies to ready-made cordless charger options, it’s time to get organized with this easy DIY home project.

May 20, 2019

Sometimes life requires compromise…but when it comes to keeping your mobile devices charged, you shouldn’t have to choose between convenience and clutter-free counters.

With a few tips to get your imagination started, you can be setting up the perfect charging station for your home’s needs and style, in no time.

1. Organize creatively.

Sometimes the perfect use for an item isn’t necessarily what was intended. Breadbox, magazine rack, picture frame, letter tray — these are just a few of the things we’ve seen turned into fabulous family charging stations.

No matter what your décor, a stroll through an aisle of office supplies or simple home accents will likely offer a compact and inexpensive item that, with little to no modifications, can transform into a designated spot for powering up smartphones and tablets. And then? No more tangled cords and haphazard devices strewn around your kitchen counter at any available plug! These alternatives allow you to not only add a bit of style, but also conveniently keep charging to a specific location for quick and easy accessibility.

Check out blogger Crazy Wonderful's kitchen update for a classic example.

2. Don’t short yourself.

When planning your charging station, take inventory of the number and types of devices your family uses, and consider any specific needs you have. In all likelihood, a standard outlet and your everyday adapter bricks aren’t going to get the job done — so swap it out! There are a wide variety of USB outlets available today that are ready for DIY installation and can handle a multitude of scenarios.

Big family? Consider an outlet to maximize simultaneous charging. Need to share the space with a countertop appliance? Select a USB outlet with traditional plug connections as well. Have a mix of device types? Maybe a hybrid outlet containing both USB types A and C connections is best for you. Have a hectic schedule? Try an outlet with quicker charging capabilities.

These devices all fit neatly into the space of a regular outlet, and connect using the wiring that’s already there, making it a simple and efficient update that will allow you to use your new charging station to the fullest advantage.

3. Wrangle the chaos.

For those of us who truly love a fully organized space, the cords and cables of modern life can be a bit of a bane. But you don’t have to live with the chaos. Whether you elect to drill holes in the back of an old wooden box, or buy a new wire file basket to turn into a charging station, a few discreet adhesive cable clips can help you keep cords in line, while velcro cable straps can help wrapped wires stay put.

Want to skip out on those cables all together? For newer devices enabled with Qi technology, real wireless charging is an option. Qi charging pads can be worked into your station, or even wall-mounted wireless chargers that further reduce clutter on countertops while installing as easily as strictly USB charging devices.

To learn more about USB charging options, click here.

And to check out some of favorite Amazon finds for ready-made or easy DIY charging stations, click below:
Multi-Device Charging Organizer | Bread Box | Acrylic Desktop Organizer | Magazine Holder

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