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Here at Legrand, we offer a variety of finishes and fabric options to complete any project just as you had imagined it. Pick from the same 15 finish options and get a matching aesthetic across our Vantage keypads and Legrand Shading decorative brackets and hembar endcaps. With over 700 fabrics to choose from, our curated collection of only the best fabrics provides a perfect option for any project!

Curated Fabric Collection

To create the perfect light in your space, you need the right fabric. Shading Systems partners with leading fabric manufacturers to provide fabric options that are equally functional and beautiful. From room-darkening blackout fabrics to light-filtering sheets, we have a solution for every room. We offer a variety of colors and textures that complement your unique style.

We know picking the right fabric is a touch choice! To make your selection easier, use our Shading Systems Fabric Sampling Portal to order FREE fabric samples. Easily filter and sort through fabrics based on category or color group.
Room Darkening Fabrics

Perfect for areas in your home where you desire privacy or need to reduce light and heat. Our room darkening fabrics are available in a wide array of colors and textures.
Light Filtering Fabrics

Our light filtering fabrics are available in multiple openness factors so you can control how much light comes through.
Safe, Sustainable Fabrics

Our fabric collection features sustainable, chemical-free options that meet industry-standard certifications. The majority of our fabrics are PVC-free and Green Guard certified for low volatile organic compounds. We offer many fabrics made from recycled, recyclable, and Cradle-to-Cradle certified options.