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You focus on the design, we’ll focus on making it come to life.

We offer a solution for any project with consistent aesthetics and unified controls. Integrate precise lighting control, motorized shading, and bring your design to the next level by choosing the right lighting fixture for your project. 

Vantage’s Fixture Alliance gives designers complete freedom of design by unlocking full functionality of light fixtures from the biggest name brands in the lighting industry. Choose fixtures that bring your design to life and let Vantage fixture profiles take the guesswork out of control. We test every fixture to ensure smooth transitions, defined lower and upper limits of the fixture’s CCT range, and the warm-to-cool dimming curve. By partnering with leading light fixture manufacturers, Vantage LHUMAN offers the widest selection of human-centric lighting and color-tunable fixtures to fit any project's needs. 

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We offer complimentary design services and are ready to support your project from start to finish. Once you're ready, contact us to start planning your next project!

Resources & Support

The Vantage keypad collection provides unlimited possibilities while maintaining a consistent aesthetic for added flexibility in design. Our wall controls come in a variety of designs, button styles, and finishes that you can mix and match to reflect the intent of the design. Add a finishing touch by choosing between options that match Legrand Shading decorative brackets, and coordinate with Legrand electrical outlets and audio video connections. If you can’t find something that fits your vision, we also offer a Keypad Alliance that allows you to use Vantage Controls software with wall controls from one of our partners.

Vantage Controls has been designed for ease of installation with future compatibility in mind. Whether centralized, hybrid or wireless, Vantage Controls handles it all within one platform and one processor. Learn just one product and enable a system that can adapt and scale to continue meeting the evolving requirements of luxury spaces.

Our easy-to-use app connects to the Vantage system and allows you to control lighting, dimming, CCT, RGB, setting room buttons, scenes and timers, along with shade control. When combined with our LHUMAN system, complete human-centric lighting is possible.

You can’t design lighting without managing daylight. Legrand’s automated shades are the perfect complement to every installation. Harvest natural daylight, assign scenes and set schedules through our app.

A Change for the Better

Making adjustments to programmed scenes can be a tedious process. With Vantage, programming adjustments are smooth and seamless, making changes a breeze.