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​​​​Infinium acclAIM™ Fiber Solution - Now Available!

Cut Cost. Cut Complexity. Cut Cassettes.

acclAIM has redefined connectivity, by replacing pre-terminated cassette-based solutions with direct connections which eliminate extra components, and cost. acclAIM delivers the only connectivity on the market with a near lossless link, almost unlimited scalability, and no gender considerations. The Direct Mating Breakout and Application Defined Polarity vastly improves density, flexibility, and enables Sustainable Migration improving system lifecycle tremendously.

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Eliminate The Cassette

Lowest optical loss pre-terminated solution, maximizes optical headroom, overcoming performance barriers, minimizing cost, and improving density while simplifying the design and delivery.

Direct Mating Breakout

Eliminates the difficulties associated with pins and polarity. Infinium acclAIM high-performance connectors mate directly to an array of twin fiber patch cords—Simplify Connectivity

Design Smarter

Simplicity of design combined with application-defined on-site polarity adjustment, fewer components, and near-lossless performance enables acclAIM to provide a multi-generational lifecycle with a single installation of a sustainable building asset for decades to come.

Reduce Costs

The acclAIM solution reduces costs by facilitating 40% quicker patch cable installation and 60% faster removal, improving the speed of moves, adds, and changes. Due to the single connection point of the Direct-Mating Breakout, post connection testing time is cut in half. There are no concerns about genders or pins. And, polarity swaps take less than six seconds. All these benefits allow the acclAIM solution to be a valuable building asset, saving CAPEX and OPEX throughout its life of service.

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