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Legrand’s acclAIM™ Fiber Solution​​​​

Reimagine Network Infrastructure

acclAIM has reimagined network infrastructure connectivity, by replacing pre-terminated cassette-based solutions with direct mating breakout connections. This reimagining delivers one-to-one cassette functionality, design, and administration–Without the cassette. acclAIM delivers the only connectivity on the market with a near lossless mating, almost unlimited scalability, and no gender considerations. The Direct Mating Breakout and Application Defined Polarity vastly improves density, flexibility, and enables Sustainable Migration improving system lifecycle tremendously.

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Reimagine the Cassette

One-to-one cassette functionality, design, and administration–Without the cassette.

Reimagine Simplicity

The direct mating breakout eliminates the difficulties associated with pins and polarity. acclAIM high-performance connectors mate directly to an array of twin fiber patch cords providing the greatest range of flexibility, including 2, 8, 12, 16, or 24 fiber base design, all without having to change the backbone.

Reimagine Deployment

Lighting fast installation – Quicker turnup times; all driven by vastly improved ergonomics, capabilities and design.

Reimagine Density

One connector can offer up to 72, 96, 144, 192, 288 fibers per RU or many combinations in between, all while delivering unbelievable finger space to move, add, or change connectivity.

Reimagine Lifecycle Design

One connector opens a world of possibility. Rapidly changing demands do not require rapidly changing connectivity. One trunk and panel can offer nearly any link configuration by just swapping patch cables.

Reimagine Sustainability

Ship less, waste less – at a fraction of the weight and packaging of standard solutions, acclAIM has an environmental profile even mother nature would envy.

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