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Vantage LHUMAN is the dynamic new lighting control solution that integrates precise lighting control with motorized window shading and color-tunable light fixtures to create an interior lighting environment that is centered to your customers’ life and well-being. Designed with our award-winning Design Center software, providing customers with tunable, human-centric lighting has never been easier.

LHUMAN is composed of three parts:

Design Center removes hurdles to setting the right color temperature for precise light control. Simply program the system to your desired color temperature, without having to mix LED channels.

LHUMAN is compatible with a variety of light fixture manufacturers so you can design around the fixtures your customer wants. We quality test all light fixtures to ensure precise tuning and create profiles in the Design Center library for easy integration.

Today’s homeowners want dynamic lighting control. Our marketing team has print and digital assets available to help you reach new customers and grow your business.

Provide customers with innovative, customized lighting control

Your customers can replicate natural light indoors, whenever and wherever they need it. All at the touch of a button

Our training library features on-demand LHUMAN training, covering a range of topics including the basics of Human Centric Lighting, tunable light fixture, DMX control, and more! Take them at your own pace through Legrand University.

Get in touch with a member of our sales team to learn more about LHUMAN and our training certification program.