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Light fixture in perfect alliance

Interior lighting can enhance the living experience with simple planning and vision. But without the right light fixture in place, spaces fall short of their potential. By partnering with leading light fixture manufacturers, LHUMAN offers the widest selection of human-centric lighting and color-tunable fixtures to fit any project needs.

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What are the benefits?

LHUMAN KolorTune™ Tunable Profiles

LHUMAN KolorTune™ Tunable Profiles makes human centric lighting possible with fixtures from any of our partnered manufacturers listed below. Access professionally tested profiles for hundreds of lighting fixtures to create lighting scenes with precise color temperature in Design Center.

Explore our Fixture Alliance Partners

WAC’s AiSPiRE lighting brand offers a history of excellence for lighting aesthetics and function. Paired with LHUMAN, dynamic lighting has never been easier.

LF Illumination provides innovative architectural lighting solutions for a variety of applications, creating the best lit environments possible. Together, LHUMAN and LF Illumination provide exceptional light control for your customers.

ELEMENT fixtures from Tech Lighting provide specification-grade recessed lighting offerings, designed and engineered to deliver critically specified light for any environment.


DMF provides innovative light fixtures that push the boundaries of lighting. Every DMF product strikes the perfect balance between performance and value, especially when paired with LHUMAN.

Environmental Lights creates innovative LED light fixtures that match customers exact needs. Paired with LHUMAN, transforming environments with light has never been easier.

Lucifer offers innovative fixtures informed by science and wonder that illuminate the world’s most beautiful spaces. Lucifer light fixtures are created with a deep understanding of architecture and design that pairs beautifully with LHUMAN.

Proluxe by American Lighting provides innovative light fixtures that creates a unique experience in every space. Together, Proluxe and LHUMAN create spaces that allow people to perform at their best.

Circa Lighting provides a comprehensive assortment of premier decorative and architectural lighting fixtures. Circa Lighting can light your entire space regardless of category, style or price with a commitment to beautiful design that pairs wonderfully with LHUMAN.

PureEdge Lighting has developed architectural LED lighting tools that empower you to not only design your space but also the fixtures you envision. With modern, innovative and personalized lighting, PureEdge Lighting’s latest developments defy the boundaries of traditional lighting to allow for a design that is truly your own and pair beautifully with LHUMAN.

Colorbeam Lighting delivers revolutionary low voltage lighting systems that create immersive and controllable lighting experiences. Colorbeams focus on human-centric lighting pairs nicely with LHUMAN to give users complete control over lighting their spaces.

No. 8 Lighting designs for the future with innovative engineering, and stunning fixture design that creates an exquisite environment. No. 8 Lighting is superior in design, functionality and flexibility and now pairs with LHUMAN to offer an even better design experience.

Soraa lamps provide a retrofittable solution for those looking to upgrade from halogen to LED. With control of a fixture’s saturation, hue, intensity, and color temperature, LHUMAN pairs seamlessly with Soraa to create the ideal end-to-end solution.

Specialty Lighting / Graffiti is a leader in the Lighting Industry. Together, LHUMAN and Specialty Lighting provide innovative lighting solutions with a highly reputable team that values clever engineering and quality, and, above all else, make sure your project is right.

Elemental LED, a leading U.S.-based engineering and technology company, is the largest provider of linear low-voltage lighting solutions in North America. They manufacture an extensive, high-quality portfolio of superior linear, accent, and task LED lighting featuring unparalleled CRI and R values with flawless and vibrant high-fidelity color rendering. Together, LHUMAN and Elemental LED provide complete linear lighting solutions for any sized project and space.


QTL provides a complete architectural LED lighting solution that delivers both power and light. With the superior solution for powering low-voltage lighting, Vantage pairs seamlessly with QTL for a luxurious lighting design and user experience.