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The best-kept secret for a retrofit wireless experience

Vantage Control systems adapt and scale to exceed the evolving requirements of luxury spaces. Our retrofit wireless solution RadioLink is a wall box dimming solution that offers contemporary aesthetics and functionality that when integrated with Vantage’s stylish keypads creates extremely flexible control options and complements any project design. It is the ultimate retrofit solution for any application or project with the need for no new wires.  

Homeowners change their minds, but you’re covered.

When your homeowner wants more buttons on their keypads, simply pull and replace.

Offer extraordinary style in any home.

Our wireless dimmers and keypads are available in a variety of design styles. And we don’t play favorites – all Vantage dealers have access to our full keypad offering.

Our RadioLink system offers design flexibility and superior product performance. Learn what sets us apart:

Every dimmer is a keypad

No more planning for dimmers versus keypads – with Vantage, you have both. Our dimmers also function as keypads, simplifying your design and installation process to save you time and money.

3X the Range

Our RadioLink Enabler device offers a 100-foot omni-directional range, 3x more than competitors’ systems. This minimizes the need repeaters, while maintaining the precise control of the Vantage lighting system.

Control more than recessed lights or fixtures

In addition to built-in or recessed light fixtures, easily control the lamps from a lamp switch or program lamps into a lighting schedule with our Accent Point dimmer connected to the Vantage system.

Ready to get linked?