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Vantage EasyTouch Glass Keypads Provide a Simply Elegant Upgrade

As part of a renovation of their luxury condo on Siesta Key Beach, Florida, the homeowners wanted to upgrade their Vantage lighting control system with modern keypads to complement the home’s new look. A certified Vantage integrator, Lighting & Control Partners, outfitted the condo with EasyTouch Glass keypads and updated the system’s programming to accommodate the owners’ current needs. 

Project Details:

Project Location: Siesta Key, Florida 
Project Date: March 2020 
Dealer: Lighting & Control Partners 


Installed in 2007, the condo’s original lighting system was powered by a Vantage InFusion Controller I and seven MDS8RW101 Dimmer Modules, with eight-button BrightStyle keypads for control. Some of these buttons weren’t needed or programmed, so the owners wanted to replace the BrightStyle units with keypads that offered a more elegant look and fewer buttons for a less complicated control experience. To cut down on the buttons needed and simplify the control experience, one-touch scenes were programmed. These scenes allow for control over entire rooms, while still maintaining discrete control over a few choice lighting loads, like the dining room chandelier. In addition, the condo’s existing lighting scenes — “All On” and “All Off” — required modifications to provide independent lighting control for the owners’ children in the guest suites. ​​​​​​​


For higher processor speed and reliability, Lighting & Control Partners upgraded the condo’s controller to the next-generation InFusion Controller II. To provide the sleek, contemporary design the owners were looking for, the BrightStyle units were replaced with 26 EasyTouch Glass keypads. Thanks to a proprietary Vantage technique, EasyTouch Glass offers a highly reflective, glass-like look with a smooth touch surface for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. The keypad is available with up to five programmable buttons for different scenes, incorporating control over both lighting and other components. Vantage offer a custom color palette to match or mix finishes for the device’s trim, buttons, and faceplate, and users can select the button’s backlighting color. 

Taking advantage of EasyTouch Glass’ customization, Lighting & Control Partners Design and Programming Specialist Kallin Horne created one-touch scenes to simplify control throughout the condo, including “Good Morning” and “Good Night” scenes. When these buttons are pressed, the lights in the main part of the condo turn on or off, respectively, leaving lighting in the guest suites unaffected. A quick double press of the buttons reverts to the “All On” or “All Off” scenes, a handy feature if the owner is there alone and wants to ensure no lights have been left on in the guest suites. 

Products Used:

1 x InFusion Controller II 

1 x InFusion Main Power Enclosure 

1 x InFusion Secondary Power Enclosure 

7 x MDS8RW101 Dimmer Modules 26 x EasyTouch Glass Keypads 


“The homeowners were blown away by the elegance and polish of the EasyTouch Glass’ design, and the fact that so much functionality could be crammed into only five buttons,” said Horne. “They also appreciated its customizability, and how we were able to take advantage of that to anticipate their lighting needs and program the system accordingly. They couldn’t be more pleased with the final result and are already talking about upgrading their lighting fixtures based on the latest tunable LEDs, knowing that Vantage is more than capable of handling it.”