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Vantage Controls

Luxury Control Systems

Vantage Controls

Vantage sets the bar for luxury control systems. Whole-home lighting automation, including wireless lighting control.

Vantage is a leader in luxury control systems, providing home owners with automated lighting systems that give them the ability to control and personalize their environment precisely and effortlessly.

Featured Products

Manage lighting using personal preferences, including night settings, entertainment or vacation mode with the touch of a button on an intuitive interface available on touchscreens, iOS or Android, smartphones or tablets.
Universal Dimming Station
It’s all about precise dimming of energy efficient LEDs and great design. Load and scene based control with superior aesthetic provide a simple and elegant adaptive phase wallbox dimmer.
Design Center
Vantage dealers can reliably design a complete solution for the homeowner. Managing projects that include lighting and shading and other systems is easier than ever before.
Wireless Solutions – Ideal Scalable Solution
Vantage wireless solutions enable you to enjoy luxury lighting control of both ambient and artificial light without requiring large control panels or new construction for switches. View the Wireless Lighting Brochure.
Wired Solutions – Versatility at Every Touch Point
Vantage control solutions are perfect for any project size. With a wide selection of keypad styles, programming possibilities, and personalization, your luxury dream home can become a reality. View our Lighting Solutions Guide.